Welcome to Oxhey Wood Primary School

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I hope you had a safe and healthy weekend.
Teachers will be emailing your children through your email every week day while we are closed.
Please remember if your child is unable to come to school due to all schools being closed, please avoid taking them out anywhere including to other family members and friends.
If you need any support or have a question or concern
Please contact me on either head@oxheywood.herts.sch.uk , 0208 428 4828 or 07922422462
Take Care

We have now had guidance of keyworkers:


This includes staff in schools, people working in health and social care, key public services, anyone involved in food production, delivery and sales, transport, public safety and national security, utilities, communication and financial services. If you are a key worker, the decision to send your child to school is yours to make and attendance will not be affected either way. If you think you may be a key worker and you will need to send your child to school to continue to work please telephone the school office or email me at head@warrendell.herts.sch.uk by lunchtime today so I can ensure we have adequate staffing in school. We are planning to open school for your children from 8am-4pm including the Easter Holidays: if this will cause you a problem please let me know.

If you are in any of the other vulnerable groups we will be contacting you today. For these children they can come to school for a normal school day, term time only.

We will be providing meals for those children eligible for FSM and again we will be contacting you today.

For all parents, teachers will be emailing children daily through your email account; please can you make sure we have this by the end of school today. Please also check our website for information and additional learning ideas for children.

Please email or ring school if you have any concerns or questions



 I am still waiting to find out what jobs will be classed as key workers. I am sure it will include police, health workers, firefighters, staff in schools, social workers, delivery drivers and those that work in supermarkets. When you can please could you email me on head@oxheywood.herts.sch.uk or ring the school office 02084284828 to let me know if you are likely to be a key worker and whether you will be sending your child to school so that I can plan for this.   

Thank you

Mrs Morley

**Please see attachment for Coronavirus updates for parents**

CLOSURE LETTER 19th March 2020

Coronavirus update 17th March

Updates Coronavirus parents 15.3.20

Wednesday 18th March update;

As you will have seen the government is closing schools on Friday for most children. We do plan to continue to open for some children including children of key workers ( I do not yet know who this includes), children with EHCP’s, children who are supported by a social worker. If your children are eligible for free school meals I am waiting for further advice from the DfE to ensure you are supported too. We have made learning packs for all children which they will bring home with pens and pencils. A further letter will be sent out tomorrow with more information.
I know this is an anxious time for everyone but there is a real sense of community from the children, staff and parents and I would like to thank you again for your understanding and support.

Following the Government update Tuesday 17th March

If any member of your family that lives with you has a symptom of high temperature of 37.8 and above or a new persistent cough you all must self-isolate for 14 days- this means you must not leave the house to go to the shops, the advice is if you can to take some exercise-go for a walk but away from other people.

We will continue to provide work for your children and this is for them when they are well enough to keep their learning in line with others

I want to reassure you that we do have soap, bleach etc and tables, taps, door handles are being cleaned throughout the day not just at the end of the day-teachers and TA’s are helping with this to ensure all areas of school are done.

If you do self-isolate we will check in with you regularly to make sure you are ok and to see if there is anything we can support you with.

We do have access to foodbanks but these are likely to also have less stock. A parent has suggested starting our own- I know shops are quite empty but if you can spare a tin/ tea bags etc please could you bring these into school, staff will be doing the same

Please ring or email me on head@warrendell.herts.sch.uk or head@oxheywood.herts.sch.uk if you have any concerns.

If your child is off the class teacher will respond to your emails but this will be between 8.30-4pm.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.