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Let’s get cooking

Let’s get cooking!
Children in KS2 have been attending a weekly after school cookery club. They have been using seasonal ingredients to create a range of sweet and savoury dishes. The children work together to create a finished dish which they take home to share with their families. They also receive copies of all the recipes that they cook so that they can recreate the dishes at home. The aim is for the children to realise how easy it can be to cook delicious, nutritious meals from scratch and to inspire them to make some healthier food choices.
“The best thing about cookery club is that we all work together and I really love that we get to take the food we make home with us. My favourite dish so far has been the pasta bake. With the help of my grandma and my mum, I made the used the tortilla recipe from cookery club to make dinner for my family and friends in the neighbourhood. They loved it!” Aliyah, 5JB