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Computing is an integral part of teaching and learning at school. The school is very well resourced to provide pupils with a high-quality computing education.

We have an extensive computer network which serves the entire school and allows children to easily access and share their learning in computing. We have two full sets of iPads and lap tops as well as a fully resourced 30 PC computer suite. All of these are regularly used by pupils in their learning across the curriculum. Each classroom has an interactive whiteboard. In the hall we have a projector and screen with a sound system. We can use this regularly in our daily assemblies as well as for other learning opportunities.

Our children show enormous enthusiasm for the subject of computing. All children have discrete computing lessons once a week. In line with the new National Curriculum they develop a wide range of computing competencies including programming (coding), data analysis and representation, communication through technology, digital photography and using networks. The children are encouraged to share their learning and adopt a reflective attitude to their work. They regularly share new computing skills that they have learnt, discuss and edit their ideas and self or peer-assess their computing learning.

We expect all children to be safe and responsible when using computing technologies. To this end we encourage parents and carers to discuss e-safety rules with their children which will endorse the training provided for and by staff.

Computing is used in a range of ways across the whole curriculum including:

  • Phonics- using the iPad applications to read, write and record phonics work
  • Maths – using a graphing package to represent data
  • English – using a digital camera to create a storyboard and record their narration
  • Art – using a paint package to re-create the work of the famous artist Seurat

It is our expectation that when children leave Oxhey Wood they will be well equipped as to how to maximize the benefits of computer technologies and to be able to apply this knowledge in their everyday lives.