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The Three Little Pigs

Inspired by the story of the Three Little Pigs, Year 1 have been building and testing structures made out of different materials.

Chuck Close artwork

6 Glennie worked together to produce this fantastic piece of artwork!

Clay Sculptures

Giant Battleships!

Year 5 created their own giant battleship boards. They practised using co-ordinates – and honed their competitive edge!

Name Sculptures

Year 5 Tree House Project


Year 1 read the book Stormy Weather. They then made boats out of different materials and tested them. Some of the boats were able to hold 100 cubes and still had not sunk!   


Stickman, minibeasts and a campfire!

The Romans

Roman helmets, shields and even Roman poo!  

Magical Doors

Year 6 have designed and made magical doors inspired by their English work