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List of Governors

What does the Governing Body do?

The school’s governors are people who want to make a positive contribution to children’s education. School governors come from every walk of life. There are over 300,000 school governors in England and they form the largest volunteer force in the country. They have an important part to play in raising school standards through their three key roles:

Establishing accountability, by:

  • Setting the vision, ethos, and objectives for the school
  • Agreeing the school improvement strategy with priorities and targets
  • Meeting statutory duties

Ensuring accountability, by:

  • Appointing the Headteacher
  • Monitoring progress towards targets
  • Performance managing the Headteacher
  • Engaging with stakeholders
  • Contributing to school self-evaluation

Ensuring financial probity, by:

  • Setting the budget
  • Monitoring spending against the budget
  • Ensuring value for money is obtained
  • Ensuring risks to the organisation are managed

The role of the governing body is key to the effectiveness of a school. Time and time again Ofsted has noted that the good schools demonstrate effective leadership and management which includes by the governing body.  The governors’ role is not about fundraising; neither is it about cheerleading for the school (though governors might do both those things).

How is the Governing Body organised?

Oxhey Wood Primary School is what is called a “Community School”. This means that the staff are employees of the County Council, who also own the buildings. We have four types of governor:

Parent (Elected by the parents)
Staff (Elected by the staff)
Co-opted (Appointed by the other governors)
Local Authority (Appointed by the Local Authority)

Each individual governor is a member of the governing body, which is established in law as a corporate body. Individual governors may not act independently of the rest of the governing body. Decisions are the joint responsibility of the governing body. The Headteacher is responsible for the internal organisation, management and control of the school and the implementation of the strategic framework established by the governing body. The Headteacher is a member of the Governing Body.

Governing body of Oxhey Wood Primary School reconstituted on 1st September 2016.


Governor Name Category Current Term of Office Committee Memberships
Kate Douglas-Law Staff Governor 01/09/16 to 31/08/20 Resources & Standards
Kerry Kent Staff Governor 25/06/15 to 24/06/19 Standards
Kim Claridge-Taylor Co-opted Governor 05/06/17 – 04/06/21
Janet Crook Co-opted Governor 05/06/17 – 04/06/21
Sara Meyer Co-opted Governor 30/03/16 to 29/03/20 Standards
Jenny Morley Headteacher Governor 01/09/16 onwards Resources & Standards
Elizabeth Willetts LA Governor 19/09/16 to 18/09/20 Resources
Sonia Bolton Parent Governor 01/09/17 onwards
Michelle Clarke Trustee Appointed 01/09/17 onwards
Kathryn Williams Staff Governor 01/09/17 onwards
Ian Regan Smith Co-opted Governor 01/09/17 onwards
Tracey Middleton Clerk to the Governors  01/09/17 onwards
Mark Coates (Chair) Parent Governor Expired 08/17
Gemma Barton (Vice Chair) Co-opted Governor  Expired 02/17
Kul Aryal Parent Governor Expired 08/17
Nicola Constable Co-opted Governor Expired 08/17
James Brown Co-opted Governor Expired 03/17
Janet Brock LA Governor Expired 03/16
Chitvan Amin Co-opted Governor Expired 07/16
Yasuko Gould Co-opted Governor Expired 07/16
David Lane LA Governor Expired 07/16
David Smith Headteacher Governor Expired 08/16
Teresa Paddington Co-opted Governor Expired 01/16
Hannah Butland Co-opted Governor Expired 09/16

If you would like more information about the Governing Body, or have any concerns or queries you would like to raise with the governors, please contact Mark Coates, Chair of Governors in writing through the school office.

The Resources Committee – Terms of Reference Summary: (Full terms of reference available on request)

The committee is concerned to:-

  • work within government Schools Financial Value Standard and make the appropriate self assessment annual return.
  • review and approve budget proposals, long and medium term financial plans
  • perform budget benchmarking
  • formulate, review and act in accordance with the school’s Schedule of Delegation (SoFD)
  • monitor expenditure against the budget
  • prepare and review and approve policies for: charging, debt recovery, refunds, asset disposal, governor expenses, and anti-fraud/bribery
  • Consider Audit Reports and to agree required actions.
  • To arrange and initiate the process of Financial Self Review & to maintain action plans resulting from Audit reports and Financial Self Review.
  • Review the keeping of the school inventory
  • To receive reports of the Income & Expenditure details of the Fund Account
  • to review & approve insurance arrangements
  • To review and approve expenditure of the Pupil Premium
  • To review and approve expenditure of the Sports Premium grant


    • review the staffing policies and practices of the school
    • review the staffing structure whenever a vacancy occurs, and at least annually in relation to the School Development Plan.
    • When a Head teacher, Deputy Head teacher or Assistant Head teacher is to be appointed, the process of appointment will be delegated to a committee established for the purpose by the Governing Body.
    • The committee is responsible for reviewing and approving all policies and procedures related to the recruitment and induction of staff
    • The committee will ensure that all staff salaries are reviewed by the Headteacher annually and written account given to each member of staff.
    • Review any staff appeals against a recommendation with regard to their grading or salary,
  • approve and review the school’s Pay Policy and Time of in Lieu(TOIL) policy


  • Reviewing and agreeing the school Complaints’ Procedure and related information for parents etc.
  • receive reports from the head teacher on the systems of performance appraisal
  • receive an account from the head teacher of the in-service training undertaken by staff during the previous year and planned current year
  • Receive reports on quality of teaching.
  • Maintain policies on: whistle blowing, staff performance appraisal and performance related pay; staff capability; grievance; staff discipline; the staff code of conduct; harassment and bullying; leave of absence; health and attendance; and alcohol & drugs at work, restrictive physical intervention, Flexible Working, Shared Parental Leave and other staffing related polices required for time to time.


  • maintain and review polices for Equal Opportunities and the Promotion of Racial Equality.
  • annually receive a report on the operation of the policy to Promote Race Equality,
  • create, maintain and review a Disability Equality Scheme and & a Gender Equality Scheme
  • consider actions arising from the duty to promote community cohesion
  • work to ensure compliance with the Public Sector Equality Duty


  • consider and make recommendations on risk management & insurance arrangements.
  • prepare and review policies on: lettings (with charging), health and safety and security.
  • provide support and guidance for the Headteacher on all matters relating to the school premises and grounds, security and health and safety.
  • prepare with the Headteacher an Asset management Plan for the school
  • approve costs and arrangement for maintenance, repairs and redecoration within the budget allocated and to oversee the preparation and implementation of contracts.
  • Enurse that a termly health & safety audit of the school premises is made and reported on.
  • To receive the Annual Report to the Governing Body on Health & Safety and to ensure that the school complies with Health and Safety regulations.
  • To consider and make recommendations on Energy Efficiency.
  • Review depersonalised accident reports
  • to receive termly reports on the operation of fire drills
  • monitoring health and safety issues related to offsite visits

The Curriculum , Standards & Pupils Committee – Terms of Reference Summary: (Full terms of reference available on request)

The committee will be concerned:

  • with the whole curriculum offered by the school, ensuring the National Curriculum is implemented
  • with ensuring that religious education and daily worship are provided and reviewing associated policies
  • with reviewing and approving the and making recommendations
  • with reviewing the School’s Sex Education Policy, Anti-Bullying Policy, Drugs Education Policy, School Behaviour Policy, Child Protection Policy, Homework Policy, the Policy for Children Looked After , Early Years Policy and with reviewing and agreeing the Home School Agreement
  • with the curriculum for children with special needs, including the
  • with testing, assessing and reporting on children in connection with the National Curriculum, and the assessment of children with special educational needs
  • with the monitoring and evaluation of the curriculum, and their implications for re-sourcing
  • with the provision for Most Able pupils (Was Gifted and Talented)
  • to review annual targets for achievement for each Key Stage as agreed between the school and any external advisor the Governing body may appoint.
  • to approve agreed SATs targets
  • with reviewing achievement against targets set
  • reviewing attendance rates and setting required targets for attendance and reviewing the associate policy
  • supporting young carers and agreeing a policy for young carers
  • Setting and monitoring policies with regard to “eSafety” covering all issues of the appropriate and acceptable use of any electronic equipment and media within the school and on offsite visits. If issues relating to staff arise to liaise with the resources committee on such issues
  • Agreeing policies with regard to children with SEN, Inclusion, Pupils with Medical Conditions and Most Able Pupils. These will include the SEN Information Report.
  • Agreeing in consultation with the SLT which Non Statutory “Curriculum Policies” to be written and maintained by the Teaching Staff and SLT. With the monitoring and review of the update of these policies and their effectiveness
  • Receiving reports on: PSHE, drug education, Children Looked After, Safeguarding, Child Protection, Attendance and Punctuality.


Oxhey Wood Primary School – Governing Body Meeting Attendance – School Year 2015-2016


Date: Total Total
Meeting Type: Full Committees
 Kim Claridge-Taylor N/A N/A
Nicola Constable N/A N/A
Kate Douglas-Law N/A 8/9
Kul Aryal 5/5 4/5
Gemma Barton 5/5 2/3
Mark Coates 4/5 7/9
Kerry Kent 4/5 3/3
Jenny Morley N/A N/A
Sara Meyer 3/3 1/1
Elizabeth Willetts N/A N/A
 Janet Crook  N/A  N/A
James Brown 5/5 9/9
Janet Brock 2/2 2/2
David Lane 5/5 6/7
Chitvan Amin 4/5 2/6
Yasuko Gould 5/5 5/6
Teresa Paddington 1/2 1/1
Hannah Butland 3/5 0/3
David Smith 5/5 8/9


Oxhey Wood Primary School – Governing Body Business Interests    
Relevant business and pecuniary interests Relationships with School Staff Governorships at other educational Establishments
Kim Claridge-Taylor None None  Warren Dell Primary
Janet Crook None None  Warren Dell Primary
Sara Meyer None None None
Sonia Bolton None None
Michelle Clarke None None Warren Dell School, Watford
Kathryn Williams None None
Ian Regan Smith None None Merchant Taylors School
Kerry Kent None None None
Jenny Morley None None Warren Dell Primary, Watford
Elizabeth Willetts None None None
Kate Douglas- Law None None None
Nicola Constable (Expired 08/2017) None None None
Mark Coates (Expired 08/2017) None Partner – Anita Brown None
Kul Aryal (Expired 08/2017) None None None
Gemma Barton (Expired 05/2017) None None None
James Brown (Expired 03/2017) None None Beechefield Primary, Watford
Chitvan Amin (Expired 07/2016) None None None
Yasuko Gould (Expired 07/2016) None None None
David Lane (Expired 07/2016) None None None
Teresa Paddington (Expired 01/2016) None None None
Janet Brock (Expired 03/2016) None None None
Hannah Butland (Expired 09/2016) None None Thomas Jones Primary School, Ladbroke Grove