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Year 6

Year 6LH Banksy

Contact email address: lhewitt@oxheywood.herts.sch.uk

Year 6MJ Warhol

Contact email address: mjennings@oxheywood.herts.sch.uk

This term year 6 have been working very hard towards earning their HeartStart certificates where they have looked at how to assess an unconscious causality and administer the appropriate treatment. The certificate will go towards them earning their Junior Prince’s Awards (JPA) which they will be working towards for the rest of the academic year. The JPA is a programme that is designed to develop confidence and resilience as well as leadership and teamwork skills through, interactive team building games and activities as well as covering topics such as first aid, bushcraft and navigation. Both 6LH and 6MJ have done extremely well in learning and applying their first aid procedures and have enjoyed the topic this term. to pass their Heartstart certificate. In pairs they acted out a scenario where one member of the group came across the casualty (their partner) who was unconscious. They were then asked to carry out the emergency checks and procedures used to treat the casualty. They then swapped with their partners. They all worked very hard this afternoon and demonstrated the procedures well. While acting as the causality they helped each other by taking their role seriously and showing self-control. 4/12/2018

Year 6’s topic this term is Bushcraft where they will be looking at shelter building, navigation and fire safety. 6LH had very enjoyable session back after the Christmas break where they explored what makes a good Shelter. This consisted of them working together in groups to make functional thumb sized mini shelters out of materials that they were able to forage on the school field.

The class had a great time experimenting with different designs and coming up with their shelter ideas in preparation for making full sized versions next session.


After spending time making their mini shelters last session and exploring what a good shelter needs, this week 6LH progressed to building their full sized shelter based on their findings.

The brief for their shelters were to make them sturdy, warm and most importantly dry. Once the various groups had completed their shelters, they put them to the test by climbing inside and having a 2 litre bottle of water poured over the top of the shelter to see if the people inside remained dry and warm and that the stayed standing.

6LH had a fun time building their shelters and worked together well to get the job done.